Client Endorsements

Below are just some of the responses E-BI has received regarding our manufacturing outsourcing services:

“We can design and produce the pump in Africa. We are pretty good at that side. But we have no idea about China. Without E-BI it would have been very hard for us to make a decision to go ahead because for us, it would have meant jumping into some very deep waters with no real way of knowing where the bot-tom was or how to get out.”
-- Martin Fisher, Founder, KickStart

“Initially we selected E-BI based on price, but over time we have found value in their ability to expand the scope of their involve-ment to save time and staff resource. They are continuously finding ways to help us be successful. They seek joint success, offering more a partner model than a vendor model. That is a superior value proposition.”
--Darin Beamish, CEO, Qwizdom

"I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed on both counts. In a matter of days, they located exactly the kind of manufacturer I was looking for. Better still, the price quotes showed no discernible increase over what I had anticipated paying. They have saved me both time and money and I will most certainly work with them on any future China project. "
--Glen Wolfe, President, Cinegraph Communications

Cinegraph Communications